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Newsflash: Appellate Judges Read Blogs

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While attending a bar function today, a local appellate justice I have met a few times before recognized me, introduced me to his companions as the author of an appellate blog, and confessed (?) to being one of my regular readers.  I have had similar conversations with other members of the appellate bench in recent months.

Appellate judges are often perceived as ivory-tower idealists.  They don’t really read blogs, do they?  I mean, anybody can put a blog up on the internet, right?  Minimal tech skill—but no legal knowledge—is required.

Anybody can.  But this justice reads mine.

That alone makes it worthwhile.

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  • http://texasappellatelawblog.com D. Todd Smith

    I remember that interview, now that you mention it. The reference to Howard Bashman as an example shows that Judge Kozinski doesn’t really appreciate what law blogs are. Bashman performs a great service if you’re looking for a summary of the day’s legal news, but I don’t think what he does is anything like what Judge Kozinski described.

  • http://www.calblogofappeal.com/2008/05/16/judges-read-blogs/ The California Blog of Appeal

    Judges Read Blogs

    I’ve noted before some intersections between actual law practice and blogging. There was the blogging jury foreman and the blog where lawyers complained about judges, for example.  There are even some blogs by judges (look in the left sidebar).

  • http://www.calblogofappeal.com Greg May

    Agreed. “How Appealing” really doesn’t offer much in the way of Bashman’s analysis or commentary, which he tends to save for his weekly column. I think it serves mostly as a legal news aggregator, but that is a valuable service.

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    Participate in My Reader Survey, and More About Judges Reading Blogs

    NOTE: This post will remain atop the blog for a few days.  Look for new content below this post until this post disappears from the top of the blog.
    Last Friday’s post about blog-reading judges got my curiosity going about who is actually reading…

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    More on Judges and Blogs

    At some level, every blog is built on shameless self-promotion. To that end, I’m happy to point out some attention generated by my recent post entitled Newsflash: Appellate Judges Read Blogs: The piece was picked up by the online version…

  • http://rechtsanwaeldin.blogspot.com/ Rechtsanwaeldin

    You made my day.
    Hoping the same for Germany and german judges – and my blog ;-).

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