Laura P. Haley

Laura P. Haley

Laura P. Haley has a unique perspective and combination of experience, having served as both in-house and outside trial counsel for a Houston-based energy services company. She now serves that industry and others as an advisor, litigator, and outsourced general counsel. She also handles appeals and provides litigation support to trial lawyers.

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Second Bites at the Summary-Judgment Apple (Part I)

All litigators file or respond to dispositive motions, including motions for summary judgment. Dispositive motions are an opportunity for trial attorneys to implement their trial strategy, using the facts in their cases to gain a tactical advantage, whether by eliminating claims or defenses, educating the judge, or poisoning the well. But dispositive motions also require … Continue Reading

In-House Focus: How to Win Cases by Being Nice

My last post discussed the importance of avoiding career-limiting moves. Today, I’ll focus on how in-house litigators have the opportunity to learn information every day that they can and will use in future litigation—every single day.  That learning opportunity will happen if you keep your door open and are nice. In-house legal departments handle a … Continue Reading