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Advertising Rules and Social Media: Texas Style

The second article in my Texas Lawyer series on technology issues and law practice appears in this week’s issue and has been republished here through  For this installment, I look at the Advertising Review Department’s new Internal Interpretive Comment 17, which addresses the interplay between Part VII of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional … Continue Reading

New Year, New Opportunities

This post continues what has become a New Year’s Day tradition here at the Texas Appellate Law Blog.  Each January 1 marks another year of the blog’s existence—we’re now up to three—and presents a special opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. The realities of law practice and life kept me … Continue Reading

What I’ve Been Doing Lately

Well, we know what I’ve not been doing much of lately—blogging. Since my last entry, I have helped with a jury trial here in Travis County, immersed myself in a complex adversary proceeding in bankruptcy court that’s set for a two-week trial later this month, done some things to get ready for the official opening … Continue Reading

Happy New Year (and Second Birthday Texas Appellate Law Blog)!

Two years ago today, I launched this blog—the first of its kind in Texas— to engage folks who are interested in or involved with civil appellate issues.  As was the case last New Year’s Day, publishing content and interacting with readers remains very fulfilling, and the blog continues to open doors for my practice.  I hope it remains a useful tool for its audience. I wish everyone … Continue Reading

Texas Lawyers to Follow on Twitter

Last Updated 1/12/09:  Borrowing an idea from JD Scoop, I have decided to compile and maintain an index of Texas lawyers, legal professionals, and firms who actively use Twitter.  The alphabetical list (by username) appears below. Like everything else, Twitter is what you make of it.  Though originally geared toward personal communications, it has evolved into a powerful networking and business-development tool.  I … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 12/20/08

A sample of my microblog entries thus far in December appears below. To receive all of my updates, follow me on Twitter at at @dtoddsmith. Thanks to @glambert for including me as nos. 32, 45, 65 & 125 in the "’Must Read’ Blog Posts of 2008" at A great list. Texas Lawyer says the intermediate appellate … Continue Reading

Blogging Break

You may have noticed that things haven’t been very active here at the Texas Appellate Law Blog over the last few weeks.  I’ve had plenty of things to write about, but just haven’t found the time to sit down and put together coherent posts on those subjects that add any significant value.  Given my current … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 11/25/08

A sample of my microblog entries from the past week appears below.  To receive all of my updates, follow me on Twitter at at @dtoddsmith. Just got word in one of my cases that a federal district judge has granted my side’s motion to remand, pending since early 2008. Sent out briefing extension request; received oral … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 11/18/08

A sample of my microblog updates from the past week appears below.  To receive all of my updates, follow me on Twitter at at @dtoddsmith. ABA Journal surveying lawyers about job market and state of economy. Results to be published in Jan. issue:  @Fulbright I welcome my former law firm to Twitter. Any progress on … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 11/11/08

A sample of my microblog updates from the past week appears below.  As before, I’m including only those relevant to this blog or otherwise of interest to appellate practitioners.  To receive all of my updates, follow me on Twitter at at @dtoddsmith. RT @kevinokeefe: For small law firms and solos, economic opportunity ahead. Reading "Small … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 11/4/08

A sample of my microblog updates from the past week appears below.  I’ve decided to include only those relevant to this blog or otherwise of interest to Texas appellate practitioners.  To receive all of my updates, follow me on Twitter at at @dtoddsmith. linking to blog posts relevant to story. Picked up one of mine at (under "From … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 10/28/08

Here’s a sample of my microblog updates from the past week or so.  Follow me on Twitter at at @dtoddsmith, Per recent media contacts, I’m quoted & my blog is mentioned in this Texas Lawyer article re judicial race, New at the Texas Appellate Law Blog: "A Whole New World": Recent Developments in Texas Mandamus Practice, … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 10/21/08

Microblogging consists of brief text updates published broadly or to a restricted group chosen by the author.  My microblog can be found on Twitter at @dtoddsmith, where I invite you to become a follower. Recent microblog posts include: New at TALB: Announcing creation of Texas Appellate Law LinkedIn Group: Thanks @kevinokeefe for the idea! Reading"Is Now The Perfect Time … Continue Reading

Welcome to the Reverse & Render Blog!

Another Texas appellate blog has burst on the scene.  The appellate practice group at Cowles & Thompson, P.C. has launched Reverse & Render, which (according to its welcome post) was created "with the goal of providing useful information to civil appellate practitioners and to the public at large." Having a respected firm like C&T join the … Continue Reading

Law Bloggers Meet-up in Austin Tonight

LexBlog’s Kevin O’Keefe and I will be getting together around 8:00 tonight while he is here in Austin speaking at a State Bar program on thought leadership and reputation management.  Law bloggers and others are welcome to join us.  Send me an e-mail if you’re interested and I’ll get you the details, which I’ll also re-post on my Twitter feed. Update:  Kevin provides the details here.… Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 10/13/08

Microblogging consists of brief text updates published broadly or to a restricted group chosen by the author.  My microblog can be found on Twitter at @dtoddsmith, where I invite you to become a follower.  (As evidence that I’m not a total law dork, the content there is a little more personal.) Recent microblog posts include: The Statesman has endorsed Woodie Jones for … Continue Reading

“Appellate Practice Marketing 2.0″

That was the title of a CLE presentation I gave today to the San Antonio Bar Association‘s Appellate Practice Section.  In addition to "traditional" techniques—such as doing “law” work in trial courts; handling pro bono appeals; writing articles and giving speeches; bar association work; and networking with trial lawyers, industry professionals, and other appellate lawyers—my main focus was blogging.  I … Continue Reading

Microblog Roundup 10/1/08

Taking a page from tech guru Dennis Kennedy‘s book, and as an extension of what I did here, I’m going to experiment with posting occasional roundups from my Twitter feed on this blog.  (Dennis, Walter Olson, and at least a few others have taken to calling their Twitter accounts "microblogs," which seems both accurate and catchy to me, so I will do the same.)  I’ll … Continue Reading

5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers

I’ve been tagged by Brooks Schuelke to participate in an "internet meme" started by the anonymous Editor of Blawg Review a couple of weeks back.  The concept works sort of like a chain letter:  the respondent in this meme is supposed to identify and link to five non-law blogs of interest and then tag five other law bloggers to … Continue Reading

Results of the Twitter Experiment

As mentioned here, I experimented with Twitter last week by "live-tweeting" from the Advanced Appellate Seminar here in Austin.  I picked up a few followers as a result of this effort—including one who also tweeted from the CLE—but it otherwise seems as though the experiment went unnoticed. For anyone who is interested, I’m reproducing the text of my … Continue Reading

Blawg Review #174

After two consecutive Olympic-themed Blawg Reviews, I was tempted go for a third despite my initial decision not to do so.  Like most of America, I am officially entering post-Olympic withdrawal, and a celebration of what were truly a remarkable Games would have been appropriate. The problem is, I am so in awe of what transpired … Continue Reading

Countdown to Blawg Review #174

Two weeks from today, I’ll take my second run at hosting Blawg Review, the blog carnival for everyone interested in law.  My first effort was fairly well received, and I find myself wondering what I can do to top it.  If anyone has suggestions for a theme or any other ideas, I’d love to hear them. The … Continue Reading

A Belated Welcome to the Tyler Appeals Blog!

Several months ago, Tyler appellate lawyer Jeff Rambin contacted me for input on a blog he was putting together focusing on appellate matters in East Texas.  Like me, Jeff signed up with LexBlog, whose designers did just as good a job with his blog as they did with mine. I’m finally getting around to giving the … Continue Reading