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SCOTX Fixes Word-Count Glitches

The Texas Supreme Court has issued an order correcting some of its recent amendments to the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. The most notable correction involves the certificate-of-compliance requirement regarding the new word count limits previously discussed here, here, and here. By adding the language underlined below, the Court has made clear that no certificate … Continue Reading

Crafting a TRAP 9.4(i)(3) Certificate of Compliance

As promised yesterday, this post will cover what a certificate of compliance under the new word-count rules might look like, now that every computer-generated document filed in a Texas appellate court on or after December 1, 2012—yes, every one, except for the record—must include such a certificate. The new rules provide the logical starting place. … Continue Reading

Word-Count Rules Going Into Effect December 1

A trial lawyer poses the following question: Do you know for sure whether the new appellate rules are going into effect December 1? Any thoughts on whether an appeal filed on November 29 (but not actually due until December 3) should maintain the old format or use the new rule? Per this Texas Supreme Court … Continue Reading

At Last, E-Filing Is Coming to Texas Appellate Courts

Four years ago, I first asked when appellate courts would catch up on e-filing.  Since then, the Fifth Circuit has successfully implemented an e-filing program, which has been mandatory for almost a year now.  In state appellate courts, however, the process has been painfully slow. The Texas Supreme Court took a giant step in the … Continue Reading

More on Appellate E-Filing

Early this year, I accepted an offer from Texas Lawyer to write a quarterly column on technology issues affecting the publication’s namesake audience.  The first article in this series—an update on appellate e-filing in Texas—appeared in this week’s issue. I am happy to report that Law.com picked it up as well. I’ve received some nice … Continue Reading

Revised TRAP Amendments Effective Today

Following up on this post, the Texas Supreme Court has quietly issued orders formally amending the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure and making technical corrections to the amendments.   The amendments went into effect today.  A redline comparison of the proposed changes and the final version is available here. The most significant change from the proposed amendments announced in March appears to be a newly … Continue Reading

Forthcoming Appellate Rule Changes

The Texas Supreme Court recently announced changes to several Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure and the adoption of Texas Rule of Judicial Administration 15 .  The rules highlighted below will have the broadest effect in civil cases.  My comments appear in italics. TRAP 9.3 reduces the number of copies of certain documents a party must file with the Supreme Court … Continue Reading