The State Bar Appellate Section officially rolled out its re-designed website today.  The new, user-friendly interface is full of useful information and contains links to a number of handy resources.  I suggest that anyone reading this blog visit the new site and bookmark it for future reference.

Among the site’s new features is a permanent link to the current issue of the Section’s quarterly publication, The Appellate Advocate (of which I am editor).  We have also included a new author/title/subject index and a special page linking to all of the judicial interviews published to date.  Finally, we have arranged for Hein Online to archive all past issues in searchable form, which will be made available to Section members at no charge.  The archives are in the process of being populated and will be available within the next few weeks.

Our outgoing Section Chair, Doug Alexander, deserves credit for spearheading this project,  and Steve Hayes should be commended for the fine job he did working with the designer to get things just right.  And on behalf of The Appellate Advocate, I would like to thank Rich Phillips for his help in getting the ball rolling with Hein.  All in all, this was a great team effort.