Faculty @ SPU

In early 2006, when I first seriously pondered leaving BigLaw and opening a solo practice, I found a great deal of information and support through various listservs and blogs.  Even still, making the leap was daunting, largely because I had little training or experience relevant to the unique, day-to-day challenges running a solo practice brings.

By launching Solo Practice University, lawyer coach and consultant Susan Cartier Liebel aims to solve that common problem.  SPU is a web-based educational community designed to take up where law school leaves off and to provide solos with the practical tools they need to succeed.

Appellate law is particularly well suited to solo practice; I’m living proof of that fact.  So I’m thrilled to announce that I have accepted Susan’s invitation to teach Appellate Practice and Procedure at SPU.  In addition to breaking down the elements of an appeal and providing practical tips for handling each element, the course will explore other services appellate practitioners commonly provide and will address the skills, temperament, and resources necessary to succeed in this practice area.

Thanks for the opportunity, Susan.  I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned.