No, the headline isn’t a lead-in for an appellate lawyer joke. In all seriousness, I’m announcing my nomination to run for treasurer of the Austin Bar Association. This race will be contested, as one other candidate was also nominated to appear on the ballot.

Election as treasurer would put me on a path to becoming Austin Bar president for 2019-2020. The list of those who have held that position over the past 100-plus years includes some of Austin’s finest lawyers and judges. Almost none of them practiced appellate law as it exists today. Over the past twenty years, only one was board-certified before taking office.

I’m a busy appellate lawyer and the managing partner of my firm. So why do I want to take this on? The answer is simple. I believe in the Austin Bar’s mission of enhancing the legal profession, the administration of justice, and the community through education, networking, and public service. And I attribute much of my success as a lawyer to the connections I have made through this fine organization over the past decade. For me, the question really is, why wouldn’t I? It’s a great opportunity to give back.

Image courtesy of Flickr by w.marsh.