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Talking Legal Tech on New Solo

D. Todd Smith
Anyone familiar with me as a lawyer knows I have a penchant for legal technology. It’s a regular topic of discussion around here, particularly as it relates to modern-day appellate practice. I’m always looking for ways to implement legal tech and related tools to make things run more smoothly and efficiently in my firm and … Continue Reading

Demystifying Appellate Law on The Law Entrepreneur

D. Todd Smith
Solo and small firm lawyers, if you’re into podcasts and haven’t checked out The Law Entrepreneur, you should. Maryland lawyer Neil Tyra has put together 69 episodes (so far) of great conversation with lawyers, tech consultants, and other professionals offering insight into the entrepreneurial side of modern-day law practice. The main reason I know exactly how … Continue Reading

[Tap…Tap…Tap] Is This Thing On?

D. Todd Smith
After a decade of blogging, I’m still amazed how one simple post can spin off new opportunities. Back in November, I wrote about how I’m using my iPad Pro during oral arguments. As a direct result of that post, I was: featured on iPhone JD (a site I highly recommend to anyone using iPhones or iPads in their … Continue Reading